Interdisciplinary Approach towards International Relations

International Relations study was early set up during the fierce breaking of World War II. Academicians majoring in Historical studies, Philosophy, International Politic, and Media appeared to discuss enthusiastically about the prevailing international issues at that time related to the World War II. This first stage seemed to reflect the basic ‘ingredients’ of International Relations were really inter-disciplinary subject. Due to the increasing interest of academicians, International Relations in short was codified to be a new discipline of study under the ground of International Political science. After a few decades, it turns to be one of well-known new discipline of studies covering a vast array of issues including diplomacy, foreign policy, bilateral until multilateral relations among countries, and many more. The remaining question here is that to what extent this field of study applies the interdisciplinary approach over its research and subject-mattter? What kind of progress has been made in the recent phenomenon of International Relations studies?


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